Windsor forex mt4 programmers


You have a MT4 strategy but need it windsor forex mt4 programmers including special request of customized ? Please do not send us too many document files, pdf files or text files as well as do not send embedded snapshots, send snapshots by attaching with your email. Simply write down your strategy in an email and send to us. Just describe buy order entry and exit conditions with features or options you want.

A simple EA or Indicator which costs less but if you want lots of options or features the same EA or Indicator costs much. You need to describe your trading strategy stepwise, mathematically and shortly in the email. ASK market prices, what would be your indicator’s visual settings, line conditions, crossover conditions for taking a buy entry and at which candle you would close your buy order. A well defined chart snapshot describes everything for the Coder-team, smaller snapshots are hard to understand, try to send larger snapshots by zooming in the chart and focus at the exact candle you are working.

If you send only buy order entry and buy order exit conditions, this is ok too, sell entry and sell exit conditions will be vice versa. We receive hundreds of phone calls daily, talking with all by phone become harder for us. Situation does not support us, our time is as valuable as money, you need to realize this first. But if we require to call you, definitely we will call you if necessary but that is after payment and for on-going project issues for clarification. Though coder-team only suggests that chart snapshots are quite enough for building their projects. Video should be uploaded by you, we do not check commercial or forum video demonstration requesting someone to build an EA. Sometimes we receive emails asking questions about our coder team that who are they and how experienced they are, where they work, if they have some public profiles etc.