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Urban forex towers scalping strategy futures


T2W Site Maintenance – We’ll be back soon! Ok let urban forex towers scalping strategy futures explain in details one by one.

Alright, what do we know right off the bat by looking at this. We know the market is in a uptrend because the market is above the blue MA. Next, we entered long at the break of the high of the last retracement candle – which in this case is 3rd tower as we can see above. Ok now here is a example of a no good trade.

Alright, in this example, the market was in a uptrend, it did a 1, 2, 3 tower retrace but it never had a breakout on the high of the 3rd tower, in fact, the market continued down and changed to a down trend. This example is to show that this strategy helps avoid many fake trades. I hope you like it ! Let me know if you have any questions. Looks interesting, but which ema is that? Sorry I forgot to attach the indicator files. USDCAD 15 min trade on Friday.

Stop loss at the red line. Stop loss at the lowest low as shown by the red line. I want to test your sys with my acc, pls tell me the combination of blue MA, as I don’t use MT4. I’m not quite sure of the MA settings.

This was just a indicator I found in my indicator box. If you find out let me know. What makes a trade more conservative or aggressive? If there are only 2 consecutive lower highs then its a aggressive entry. If there are at least 3 consecutive lower highs then its a conservative. Please refer to the picture to get a better understanding.

What are the actually Moving Averages being used? I trade from my cellphone during the day and this custom indicator for me isn’t an option. This looks good enough to demo for a bit. I looked at the indicator he posted and it uses 6 ema’s from 37-50.

I’m also demoing this one because it kinda fits with what I’ve been doing in the past, and because it gives me a stop loss strategy. I made a live trade with it finally on Friday and it was successful so I feel good about it probability wise. I’m also experimenting with an auto drawing linear regression channel. I’ll try to post a chart later tonight. In the interest of fellowship, care to share your custom design? At the moment I’m at work and the indicator is at home, so could do so later tonight. Actually I thinking of starting my own thread on it because I am using some other indicators too.