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In 1979, Clements became Texas’ first Republican governor in 105 years. Sedco forex intl drilling inc was an early contributor sedco forex international drilling inc the 2008 candidacy of Republican presidential transocean forex U. American businessman, university executive, and Republican Party politician from Texas. Clements was born in Dallas and worked as an oil driller for many years.

On January 16, 1979, Clements succeeded Democrat Dolph Briscoe as governor of Texas. To win the position, he first defeated State Representative Ray Hutchison in the Republican primary by a lopsided vote of 115,345 to 38,268. Safety Protecting people, the environment, and equipment as we drill the wells our customers require. Contact Us Your goals and your success align with our mission.

The three jackup rigs are the J. Our mission is to be the premier offshore drilling company providing worldwide rig-based, well-construction services to our customers through the integration of motivated people, quality equipment and innovative technology, with a particular focus on technically demanding environments. 1942: Forex is founded in France. 1947: Southeastern Drilling Company is founded. 1953: The Offshore Company is incorporated. 1967: The Offshore Company goes public.