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Trade forex using statistics in accounting


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Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. When is he going to release value. This joke of a share has been going on too long. GCM up a bit following another very preliminary Chinese deral. Not too exciting at this stage, but worth mentioning if only to fill the vacuum on this board.

Things look great for hibiscus petroleum but today GCM took a big hit. Always thought we would eventually get the green light on the project but now not confident. I think it probably won’t happen and in a few short years will be seen as a big mistake. Bangladesh govt should be carefully mining local resources and burning fuel with the most up to date technology. As usual bad policies receive approval from a bunch of useless politicians in my humble opinion. Perhaps Mr T still hopes for a result with GCM and, there needs to be cash for salaries. I could not nor would I disagree with a single word.