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7 “E” awards typkal example of B. Goodrich improvement hi ruhhei IN THE are little rings of synthetic rubber being inspected under a powerful glnss. Some rings like these arc large and some are so small you could hardly put tlie point of a pencil through them, several thousanJ weighing only a few pounds. Yet all are necessary hydraulic seals in war planes. The organization which made Fairbanks the greatest name in weighing brings you 115 years of scale manufacturing experience.

That, too, is worth serious consideration. FAIRBAMKS-MORSE Scales 0ESEI ElffilKCS WIIERSKSTtmS ? His portfolio held only two bonds of the Alberta government. Hi We publish this message in the public interest since our peace- time product— cast iron pipe— is used ahnost wholly in the publie service. VAST IRON PIPE UKSISAUCH ASSOOIATIOy “”‘ICMH, NATION’S BUSINESS for August, 1943 9 Pike’s Peak to FUJIYAMA IT takes a block-buster only a few seconds to fall from a hiirh-flying U.

33 Creed of the Individual: 1 When 1 om on my own, an individual responsible for my- self. I must earn a character, a personal character. The New Phi- published by the Instilution. 28 Them There AS AMERICA strikes its enemies on ony world front, the success of the operation depends on o versatile fleet which, in number of boots, is larger than the Navy which protects it I Troops travetiii0 in converted luxury liners sleep in pipe berths, take their seo otr in relays Likewise the Army’s navy presents a greater variety of shipping than any other sea-going force. Ports of embarkation must be cleared so that the loading will not itni Transportation Corps rolls in trains from all over the country so their loads may be dovetailed into place. When the Army’s ship is loaded, it becomes the Navy’s headache. It joins the other ships lying in the bay until a convoy has been put together.

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Yet these are the same companies that for years have been America’s largest job-providers, that now employ 20. ATION’S BUSINESS for Augusf, 1943 47 Because of ”Sabotage” in Your Shipping Room? When the Stukas come over, the lack of one small rvpixn part could keep a war plane grounded — could be the cause of a costly fighter plane being blitzed on its own air field without a chance to fight. Vital plane parts can be smashed in shipment— sabotaged by Defec- tive Packing, Destroy that sneaking saboteur, Defeaive Packing ! Nov 12 Original Kodak Projection Ektanar 5-inch F:3. This Just In Prelinger Archives Democracy Now!