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The NEW RSI PRO Forex Trading Course flips the model of Forex courses on its head and changes the “old” method of paul dean you learn forex to teaching traders to learn Forex in an “integrated” method. To make money, the Forex trader needs an integrated trading system that allows them to think like the market thinks. Our course allows beginners and advanced traders to do that. It flips the old model on its head.

You Learn Forex, in Orlando, FL is one of the most innovative trading companies teaching Forex trading today. Now, they have produced a New Forex trading course that changes the way traders learn Forex. For the past 3 years You Learn Forex has been teaching currency trading to traders in over 120 countries. Our new trading course flips that model on its head and changes it from a, one-fits-all method to teaching traders to learn in an ‘integrated’ method. 4 trillion market where foreign currencies are traded everyday and where anyone with a computer can trade from the comfort of their own home or office. RSI, stands for the Relative Strength Index a commonly used trading indicator. RSI was created by Welles Wilder in 1978.

After 40 years, traders still use RSI incorrectly, even the experts. Our goal at You Learn Forex has been to change that and show RSI traders how to use the information as a trading edge. 5 months, it seems that it’s working. How is The RSI PRO Forex Trading Course different? Most courses say, Here are the tools and here is how they work and then send you off to decide how to use them. These tools and techniques simply don’t work and lead to losses. We teach what does work so that when you get to the end you understand the process and can execute the method.

The RSI PRO Forex Trading Course works in a step-by-step way to meet a specific underlying end-goal. Dean has written 5 books on Forex. His most popular, RSI Fundamentals: Beginning to Advanced was updated in 2010. Singapore that locates and alerts traders to trade signals called RSI Reversals.

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