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Marketcetera back testing forex


Click here to marketcetera back testing forex our parent website for the most up-to-date product details. Introducing the M4 Trading Platform As a professional trader, you are probably frustrated with the lack of flexibility and support with the trading software that you are currently using.

The M4 trading platform is a professional trading application featuring real-time quote screens, professional charting, real time portfolio tracking, automated trading, market scanning, back testing and much more. The best part about M4 is that the application can be customized to any extent required to meet your needs and trading style. Perhaps you trade with a proprietary volume-based or tick-based bar format, perhaps you require inter-market analysis in real time, or another trading style that is difficult or impossible to implement in any existing trading software application. The M4 trading platform removes these limitations by allowing you to specify the exact features that are built into your trading software. The next most important benefit of M4 is that you will never be left in a position where you are unable to support or maintain the software because unlike other software vendors, we provide you with complete source code.

This means that you may hire any software developer at any point in time to customize M4 if you decide to make changes for any reason. Automated trading via a flexible built-in scripting language. Real time stock, futures and forex quote screens. Real time alerts, market scanning and strategy back testing engine.

Application may be programmed to submit orders to any destination. Any data provider may be implemented. All windows, toolbars, menus, charts and other features are completely customizable. Real Time Trading Although M4 may be used for end-of-day charting, the application was designed for the purpose of real time trading. Real time stock, futures and forex screens are double buffered so they update in real time without flickering. Our quote screens are capable of handling large amounts of data in real time without causing your computer to run slowly. A 107-page programmer’s guide is provided for advanced traders.

Real Time Alerts A trade-alert and automated trading screen is integrated into the M4 platform. You can create powerful trading systems that generate orders automatically. Alerts can also be sent to any Windows Mobile device. Real Time Scanning The built-in symbol scanning feature can screen the market in real time to identify symbols that have major price changes, unusual volume changes, crossing indicators, specific candlestick patterns and more. Scans may be very complex and may be designed to search for specific patterns based on technical analysis or custom formulas. Trade Directly from Charts M4 features low latency trading functionality and is suitable for high frequency trading. You can customize this feature to enter market orders, limit orders or even trailing stops, smart orders, etc.