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El Medano, situated on the south coast of Tenerife, is a quaint spanish village boasting three beautiful sandy beaches – Playa Pelada, Playa Sur and Playa Tejita. 23C, El Medano juan martinez forex a safe, friendly and family orientated destination. In El Medano we have wind- and kitesurf schools, bike hire.

There are also several golf courses on the island. Please do not hesitate in contacting me for any further information. Seeing life, living it, and sharing it. I was trolling around for information when I ran across a post by Dos Centavos, and I must say “wow”. DC is to be commended for quoting these people. From previous posts and comments on this post, I get the impression that he is a Dem. In my opinion, our people are becoming more educated than in the past.

We can actually question the status quo, believe it or not. With the Dems, it’s “what have you done for us lately”? Government programs only helped us survive. Except for student loans and financial aid, government programs haven’t got anybody ahead.

Our success is based on hard work and foresight. Before you say, “oh, you just want to preserve your wealth now that you got it and forget the rest of your people”. We have struggled to overcome racism, poverty, poor education, and struggled to live a good Christian life. We no longer feel inferior or allow others to treat us as second class citizens. We have plenty of opportunity to leave poverty when we choose to do so.