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International forex trading company cyprus hotels


Crimes of Persuasion: Schemes, scams, frauds. How Prime Bank Guarantee Scams Work They offer you extremely high yields in a relatively short period of time through access to “bank guarantees” which they say they can buy at a discount international forex trading company cyprus hotels sell shortly thereafter at an enormous premium. 100 million affording the highest return, but because regulatory restrictions prevent the banks from selling directly to institutional investors a middle man is required to handle the transaction at a contractually prearranged profit. The term of the notes vary from 30 days to a year or more.

As an insider they are able to buy below par at, say 77 cents then sell for 79 cents on a continuous basis. An Exclusive Club They say that “the Rothchilds and the Rockefellers set up the process over fifty years ago during the creation of the Marshall Plan as a means of utilizing Eurodollars which were beginning to flow overseas, and to fund “off-the-balance-sheet” rebuilding projects in developing countries. They further explain: “The prime banks have generally dealt only with the world’s wealthiest, such as the Saudis or the top financiers on Wall Street, in London or Geneva but competition has opened it up. Still, only big corporations, foreign banks and ultra-wealthy investors know about the process. 250 million dollars” in this very offering which is “based on an arrangement among various governments to stabilize the Eurodollar money supply using a handful of picked traders. You are told not to bother seeking professional advice because the information is reserved only for those who participate in the program which is ‘by invitation only’.

You are told that you are one of only a few people who will qualify in this undertaking along with “an elite group of investors with access to extremely valuable and highly confidential information. 10,000,000, either from an individual, or a group of individuals who pool their smaller investments. It’s this pooling of investors’ funds which gives you the resources to purchase “prime bank” financial instruments. For Your Eyes Only They convince you to transfer assets or borrow the money to invest in the program after signing special non-disclosure and non-circumvention agreements which prevent you from talking about the deal with anyone, including lawyers or financial advisors because you are joining “a privileged group getting in on a very exclusive investment which relies on secrecy. All transactions are to be kept strictly confidential by all parties and for this reason no client references will be available.

In an effort to lull you into inaction, they emphasize that the market for these instruments is so secret that the institutions involved and even regulatory agencies will deny the existence of the program if asked. You risk being permanently expelled from participating in these transactions along with being hit with a massive bank-backed breach of contract lawsuit should you attempt to independently investigate the offering. If anyone finds out I am doing this for you, the deal is off. He says that the returns offered are considerably higher than are available under normal market conditions and, therefore, if this activity was not kept secret it could not exist for the simple reason that it would make it very difficult for governments to fund treasury securities or for banks to offer conventional instruments such as CDs and GIC’s paying far less.