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Institutional order flow forex


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STP brokerages are preferred by many traders, because it tends to mean faster execution, more accurate pricing and more liquidity. STP’ account with their chosen broker. Toro is the type of broker that has managed to use the most progressive technologies available to provide our traders premium trading conditions. Immediate execution: No delays and automatic filling of trades. The rate that you see is the rate that you get! No re-quotes: Your rate will not be re-quoted, changed or cancelled, saving you time and money. Questrade is a great way to invest in the Canadian market through an ECN system.

50 and other perks, it is definitely recommended. The FX markets’ DNA is geared towards direct decentralised trading amongst multiple venues simultaneously. This poses both challenges as well as opportunities for both the buy and sell sides of the FX trading arena. The FX market is efficient in terms of bringing buyers and sellers together although how efficiently — remains a matter for debate. In the meantime, the FX market continues to change and evolve in order to suit the needs of its users.

In the FX market today, the spectrum of participants has grown immensely since trading services started moving online in the late 1990’s. More traders and deeper liquidity have flattened trading costs and helped to make the industry more competitive as a whole. Both individual and institutional traders have benefitted albeit in completely different ways. All of these users have different motives and expectations, but most importantly, they all have different incentives. Large institutions crave price security and maximal depth of market.

They want certainty that all of their exposure is risk managed appropriately which means market orders must be filled in their entirety at the most advantageous price possible. Large trade sizes also mean spreads tend to be decided upon trade entry as opposed to the retail market where the spread is of prime importance and often decides trade entry for retail traders. Individual traders tend to be small in terms of capitalisation and their trading motive tends to be profit rather than hedging, risk management or an actual interest in the underlying commodity. Retail clients want speed of execution and razor thin pricing — available 7 days a week if possible. Individual traders are often motivated by the substantial profit-potential leveraged trading typically provides. Institutional and individual traders have a completely different mentality which means a different service must be offered in order to satisfy different expectations. Toro , FXTM, and XM Trader are just three examples of how a broker can facilitate trading services to both institutional and retail clients under one brand name.