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Forexmacro argentina forex macro


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Should you tour on Royal Enfield? CAUTION: This appears to be some form of HYIP. Make sure you understand what this means before placing money with this company. The FPA strongly recommends against placing money with HYIPs.

Update: March 2010: It looks like this HYIP has closed down. As far as we know, all HYIPS do this. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. 00 the web page closed down activities. Neither the person I gave the money or the company took responsibility,. Never trust companies that promise you easy and high returns. I invested a lot of money and one year after forex macro web page was not more.

They say they where reestructuring forex macro but I lost my money. Now there is a new forex macro but my account and thousands of people accounts desapeared. Pleas don’t invest in forex macro. You do not know who is taking your money away from your pocket offering big profits for your money. Market, where you will have a very difficult time making a profit, but it can be done ! This message is for anyone that has lost money with www. If you live in the US contact your local FBI office, you can google.

Also, write you state Senator or Representative. 3000 dollars and know others who have lost much more! All I can say is that it is in the hands of God Almighty now and just have FAITH! I placed 1000 euro in FM after friend advice.