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Forex trading university llc vs corporation


I got an offer to join one of the above mentioned. I networked hard in the remaining 3 with good chances to forex trading university llc vs corporation interviews. Imperial Capital is the only other MM bank I’ve heard that is worse, and I guess Lincoln now that somebody died. Today I’m going to tell you a little story.

No, it’s not the “walk me through your resume” story that must have precisely 3-4 jumps, with a positive and negative at each juncture that logically progresses to a career in IB. Am I the only one who looks down on people who aren’t ambitious? After reading the thread on WSO about ‘what do you fear’ I noticed a few responses about being average and not living to your full potential etc. I said in that thread my fear was living a normal and boring lifestyle and a few users agreed with me. Where can I find the Houlihan Lokey Restructuring Case Study? I have a superday for a MM Restructuring shop, if anyone has advice on what to study for a restructuring interview I would greatly appreciate it! You’ve already got TV shows about lawyers, doctors, politicians, etc so why couldn’t Wall Street work?

Which bank asks the hardest technical questions? I am practicing brainteasers for my upcoming superdays, and I was wondering which firms are notorious for asking difficult, tricky questions. I’m currently majoring in mathematics and information systems with around a 3. 7 GPA and am seeking a full time role.

Long TSLA Update: What’s That Smell? That, my friends, is the smell of Musk smoking my September calls. Over the past few years I have noticed a notable amount of misinformation related to the GS SLC IBD program on this site. 18 – Updates continue to roll in, make sure to check page two for the must up to date information. Haven’t seen a thread on this yet. Hi guys, sophomore at non-target here. I submitted my app for JP Morgan IBD 2019 yesterday and just got invited to do a video interview.

Anyone else get the video interview? Also, will there be another phone interview after this or straight to superday? Any insight or advice is appreciated. I have an upcoming Sales and Trading phone interview with Citi. T process tell me what their interview process was like?