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Forex trading for dummies 2015 movies


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Very few films capture the essence of life as a day trader. The pressure of walking the tightrope between profitability and looming losses is rarely captured in mainstream films. Rounders”: Money Management and Spotting Fades This movie is a favorite among poker players, and it exemplifies the parallels that exist between playing poker and trading the markets. The two main characters literally represent the two sides that exist in the psyche of every trader. The contrast of styles between a “grinder” and a cowboy, and the repercussions of those styles, are illustrated throughout the film. Revolver”: Strategy, Transparency, Lateral Thinking and Ego The tactical application of chess strategy interwoven throughout this film underscores how lateral thinking is employed to decipher transparency. The greatest enemy hides where you least suspect it: the ego.

Purposely appearing weak to camouflage strength and vice versa is the engine behind price action. Traders can identify with how closely trade strategy parallels with chess strategy. 3 billion in hidden trading losses. The movie initially captures the exhilaration of turning a large loss into an equally large win. Two for the Money”: Complacency, Humility and Preparation This movie covers the rags-to-riches journey of a sports handicapper in the realm of sports betting. Traders can relate to the euphoria that accompanies overleveraged wins and the numbing disbelief in the wake of massive losses thereafter. Floored”: The Emotional Ups and Downs of Trading This documentary captures all the highs and lows of being a trader moving from the trenches of the trading pits to the electronic trading screens.