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Forex trading books uk only


When choosing my AAFX broker I only considered 2 things. Leverage is a very forex trading books uk only financial tool that I imagine every trader will consider when trading. I had gone with this broker for the lever 1: 2000. They also provided proper risk management for my company.

They have fewer problems with dealing desks and no problems with slippage and re-quotation. I can also apply the robot forex for my trading. Did you find this review helpful? Totally SCAM broker who are just out there to take funds from their clients.

They are not regulated that’s why they can just do what they want to do to their clients accounts. They don’t allow you to take your profits or your deposit back at all. They will make sure to crash your account to negative balance so you can not take your money back. What they do is planting fake closed trades of big lost.

That’s what they did to me. They are not regulated to any financial authorities. I know because I am one of their victim. I can not send my complaints to anywhere not even to FSA in St. Grenadines where this broker says they are regulated in their website. Because I got an email report from FSA from St.

Grenadines that this AAFX trading broker is not regulated by them. I recently joined this broker from the start of this year. I actually joined this broker for experimentation. I think they delivers very good service in term of they are almost new in this market.

I am currently trading with their fixed account. In this account I get very advanced facilities like high leverage and lowest spread rate. Since 2010 I have change 3 brokers and one of them is very famous broker which I don’t want to mention as they did a great scam in 2013 which cost my whole account. Since then I am trading with this broker and doing quite good. As new broker they are giving fresh services and enable to gain my trust over them. I am trading here without any execution problem. It’s been long time I am trading with the broker.

My experience with this broker without any doubt is the best till now. They are the best service provider in the market in my view. Fast execution, usable bonus, low spread, 1:2000 leverage, less slippage, free trade set up, active customer care system etc. So far so good with the broker. And I am judging the broker for their service not my profit ratio which is low by the way. Broker always has an especial impact on every traders trading experience. Luckily I manage to get sign up with this broker.

It gives me immense pleasure to work with this broker. This broker has the best transaction system in this market. It executes my withdraw order within 1-2 hours. It also has a great trading platform where trade with super-fast execution. I hardly face any slippage or re-quote problem in their platform. BEST Brokerage to be with hands down. Lowest spreads, fast withdrawals of large amounts.

Been with them for 2 months. Spreads are consistently the best I’ve ever seen even during volatility. It is a pleasure to be with them. 4, execution is good though I would say it can be better. I had to update some documents which I find reassuring.