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My spread betting account gives a list of chart indicators and overlays such as Bollinger Bands etc. Below is a list of indicators and some extra paramaters available, what are the best settings for these extra parameters? If any or all answers are listed elsewhere in the forums please let us know as I gave up trying to find them. Any ideas and input is welcome! Newbie here for help and tıps. 6666: ‘Why doesnt anybody like you R_E, is it because you shout?

I think the best indicators are the ones you want to be the best. It depends on what tales they are telling you, how you interpret them, your strategy, if they fit your trading style and personality and so on. Good for them but for me it does’t work, because it does not fit into my trading style and also I cant get the clue of this indicator, i’ve bin using it for a while but I tossed it out. You yourself have to find the optimal mix which indicators you gonna use. Advice: do not clutter up your screen with indicators. Also, your list is nog complete, there are probably 100’s more. So have fun finding the right ones!

Unfortunately, using indicators effectively is not as straightforward as many traders would hope or imagine and, indeed, many of them can create more problems than they solve. I’m New To T2W – Where Do I Start? Please note: I am part of T2W Admin’ Staff – I am NOT a Moderator! You cannot scalp with lagging indicators. There’s absolutely no other way, right? I’m not a scalper but in my time over the years in an effort to try to profit from scalping, I’ve used all of those indicators probably all at the same time at some point.

The only time I’ve really been successful is when I’ve removed the damned lot including candles and just looked at lines. The markets can stay solvent longer than you can stay irrational. Price is the best indicator there is. I clutter up my screen to see what indicators look like when they are all mixed up just for the hell of it. Sometimes, trading must be fun too man.

No indicator training is what you need. I turned on my laptop an hour ago and saw that the four-hour chart structure of USDCAD was such that it made sense to me to enter a long position, which I did. Expected MAs are my fav, although ive heard the experts use nothing but linear regression and key time zones. Accuracy to 2 pips per lot!

Me and you, we is largely the same bruv! The difference is, I know I dont know shît! It is the best scalping indicator with 1 minute time frame according to me. It has best winning trade rate with EXNESS broker. Thanks to share these Scalping Indicator here.

It may be helpful for Scalper traders. Why does indicator developer suggest to a particular broker? Is it develop only for that broker? When trendline colour changes from green to gray – give buy order, and when trendline colour changed from red to gray – give sell order. Thanks for posting scalping indicator,look forward to giving it ago.

And what to trade when trader’s face turns gray? This Special Indicator Will Help You Trade the Forex Market By Showing Accurate Trade Entries. This was created by Trading Strategy Guides. See below the detailed description of the indicator that you will be receiving if you purchase today! This indicator works exclusively for the Meta Trader 4 Platform. When an entry is triggered, it will show you the best place for your stop loss, and take profit.