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DYJTRENDWAVE features an advanced algorithm that detects new trends and current adx forex tutorial continuations for use as an entry strategy. This information can be used for any entry and exit strategy. This scanner is a tool used to support trading with the Ichimoku method. Bollinger Bands indicator, where not the standard deviations of std are laid on both sides of the moving average MA, but rather average deviations calculated by various implementations of a more general algorithm based on Kolmogorov averaging. The indicator shows the trend across all timeframes. It will show sideways, up trending and down trending directions.

It is suitable for both day trading and swing trading. The sensitivity of the trend strength identification can be customized. Setting to customize the sensitivity of the trend strength. This indicator alerts for potential buy and sell using exponential moving average. The indicator supports push notifications, terminal alerts, and sound alerts. I am an active developer who studies Forex and will continue to update this indicator with new features.

It is customizable for one minute, five minute, fifteen minute, thirty minute, one hour, four hour, daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes. It shows four pairs of inclined resistance and support lines. AMA Trend is a powerful multi-timeframe trend indicator, which is a modification of Extremum Trend indicator. The operation principle is based on the relative analysis of OHLC bars.

It is easy to configure, easy to use and will be useful in trading for both beginners and professional traders. AMA Trend reacts to a trend change faster than Extremum Trend: a speed gain is up to six bars. However, it provides more false signals during flat. This indicator is working on 28 currency pairs.