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Download forex cruscotto


HART is our first EA specifically developed for trading on Renko charts. The first one of a new generation of EAs! By using Renko charts we take out time out of our trading equation and we focus only on price action. We developed a set of tools and download forex cruscotto for Renko charts and HART comes directly from that experience.

Renko box size based on the instrument volatility. You won’t be wondering anymore if you have to trade EURUSD using 10 or 15 pips boxes. Our tool for generating the Renko charts will take care of the proper box size for you. This is a huge advantage as it makes everything a lot easier and profitable. The box size if the first and main filter. Suddendly all the clutter disappears and only clear trends pop up.

One Setup To Rule Them All Thanks to the automatic calculation of the perfect box size for every financial instrument, HART does NOT need a specific setup for each of them. One setup is good for everything. We backtested and forward tested it on 10 different currency pairs with performances ranging from fairly good to extremely good on each of them. Renko chart that automatically adjusts itself based on the current volatility.

Or use them both on separate charts! What’s Inside HART The strategy inside HART is simple and powerful at the same time. Heiken Ashi is a candlestick drawing method that also uses past candles in order to calculate the value of the current one. This smooths things out and helps identifying real trends. Smoothing Fast Filtering is a good thing, but too much filtering may lead to some lagging. Heiken Ashi bar as possible entry levels.