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Who’s online There are currently 7 users online. Submitted by User on July 19, 2007 – 18:alan forex. Take Benefit When Yellow Group Touches The Group Green.

Submitted by Edward Revy on July 20, 2007 – 01:11. The obvious rules are that we trade only long when we are above 55 EMA, short – below it. Once all yellow are on top of all green we go long, opposite – short. Also Exit can be on the first touch of yellow and green EMA OR since all EMAs should be trading straight once we are in, the exit can be on the first cross of two yellow EMAs – EMA 3 and EMA 5. These exit methods, I believe, should only be used as an emergency exits. Ideally traders would set a fixed profit target as described in the rules above and get out when this target is hit.

This scalping system shows good potential to scalp the market confidently with this visual system. Set your profit targets as described in the rules and enjoy the success! Submitted by Alex Wakemann on July 24, 2007 – 13:16. Simply for those who want to know more. Alan Hull in his work “Active Investing”. He was using it for stock markets and long term trading primarily on weekly charts. The straighter the long term group of lines are, the less volatile the trend is.

This type of qualitative analysis is only used when entering the market and the idea is to avoid volatility. We want to ‘Buy and Hold’ and not get bounced in and out of the market. Judging the quality of trends is the most subjective function we will have to perform. Simply thought it would be helpful to find out what the creator of the multiple EMA approach – Alan Hull – used this strategy for. Thanks to Frank Tenerife for the great research and bringing this method to everyones attention!